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We are pleased to offer many teaching vacation opportunities to group exercise instructors to a variety of resorts throughout the Caribbean and Pacific Mexico.


New to teaching vacations?  It's easy! All fitness professionals need to be certified, experienced, energetic and currently teaching classes of their respected specialty(ies). Instructors apply to the teaching vacation program online (see below) and once account is approved, complete access to view available teaching vacation sessions is offered.   

Applicants need apply at to utilize the Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation program. Once the application is established then the professional immediatley has access to begin viewing available resorts and travel dates.  Meanwhile the Fit Bodies, Inc. team reviews your profile and will be in touch to orientate you to the program. Then you book your teaching vacation online, anytime you are ready!

Teaching vacation program often has travel days of Sunday with classes being offered to resort guests Monday-Saturday.  Class schedules and requested teaching specialties vary from resort to resort averaging two teaching hours daily. Each resort has a listing with anticipated fitness schedule on the "Travel Spots" page of 

When not teaching, instructors and their guest(s) enjoy vacation, accommodations and amenities the remainder of the day, just like a regular guest. Instructors are always responsible for their own flights and ground transportation. 

Still feeling pretty new to teaching vacations?  Try our FAQ!


Schedule Your Fitness Teaching Vacation

Fitness Pro Travel. This reservation system allows you to select and book your teaching vacation online based on where and when you want to travel. Once you are qualified into our booking system, the door is unlocked to a wonderful world of teaching vacation opportunities for you and your family to enjoy.


Fit Bodies, Inc. is a human resource agency placing fitness, yoga and sport professionals at resort facilities for a teaching vacation. We have contracted with resorts to offer qualified, certified, educated fitness and other specialized professionals to teach and train at resort facilities as independent contractors with Fit Bodies, Inc. We have been in operation since 1992, and to date have scheduled more than 50,000 teaching vacations to over 9 different countries in the Caribbean and beyond.             


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